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Versailles Gate (in Pittsburgh)

Job:     Interior Architectural Commission      

Date:   July  2008

Site:    Pittsburgh , PA

Overview:  A very enjoyable project for a client interested in 17th Century French architecture.  After a few design proposals that were deemed “not French enough” by the client, we went straight to the source.  This design is a loose amalgamation of the main gate and the gate to the King’s kitchen gardens at Louis XIV’s Versailles .  Scaled down and simplified quite a bit, it nevertheless fit the target of “Frenchness.” 

The gate serves the purpose of guarding the client’s rather extensive wine cellar.  The design utilizes scrolls, collars and rivets, and has a keyed lock and cane bolt for security.  The gold bits are painted with a special paint containing actual flecks of AU.

(click to enlarge)

vergate1.jpg (173638 bytes)        vergate2.jpg (106026 bytes)        vergate3.jpg (127234 bytes)