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Custom Work Contracting

Whatever your project may be -- custom railing, firescreen and tools, a lighting fixture that does not yet exist,  a colossal hanging pot rack for a custom gourmet kitchen, or distinctive hardware for a Four Star restaurant -- Gilgamesh Forge is the place to make it happen. As you may have guessed, not only is the range of items that we can create quite vast, the design style within that range is almost infinite. Arts & Crafts Movement. Rococo. Neoclassical. French Provincial. Beaux Arts. Baroque. Postmodern. The list goes on. Every design style has its application in metal. Some design styles are at their finest representation within the medium of metal. Spanish colonial ironwork. Medieval European castle hardware. You get the idea. We can work with your designs, or provide our own for your approval. From thumbnail sketches to CAD software schematics, Gilgamesh Forge can deliver, and we are happy to work with designers, architects, builders and homeowners. An overview of the contracting process is as follows:

Initial Interview

If you contact us regarding a possible project we will spend some time discussing your project and your desired results, and then if applicable, visit the site to take any necessary measurements, gather notes on installation, and take any digital pictures that may be needed for design and construction purposes. If you wish us to undertake the design for the project, any design fees will be worked out at this phase. If you decide to proceed with the project, design fees will be applied to the down payment for the project.


After all relevant information has been processed, we will submit a proposal describing the work to be completed, the method of completion, and a timetable for the process. Also included at this point will be any proposed designs or plans for the project, as well as the estimate for the entire job.

Acceptance of Proposal

If the proposal meets your expectations, then a down payment of 50% is made and work is begun.


* Due to the labor-intensive process that is inherent to any hand-forged metal work, custom contracting generally carries a six month lead time schedule. This lead time period can be adjusted though, according to certain variables such as current project schedule, and size of the job in question.
* Also, in accordance with the amount of time that must be spent in design, preparation, layout and fabrication of any necessary tooling, jigs and fixtures, all custom work begins at a $1500 minimum. This minimum can however be comprised of smaller orders such as hardware, smaller furnishings and other assorted design accents.