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Nautiloid Firetool Set

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Job:    In-Shop Production

Date:    March 2001

Overview: Most of the fire tools created at Gilgamesh Forge are somewhat “robust.” OK. To tell the truth they are downright heavy, but that is the way we like to make them – we like to move big logs around when tending a fire, and little fire tools are the object of scorn around here. This being said, we realized that not everyone tends a fire with as much gusto as we do. The Nautiloid set was forged on a lighter scale, so that one does not need to give 110% in order to wield a poker. 

The tools are forged from 3/8 inch round stock, and the rack is 1/2 inch round stock with a bar stock base. The “nautiloid” twists are achieved by flattening the stock, twisting it, and then scrolling it back upon itself, and the tools are pierced to hang on the rack’s hooks. Toolset is tempered black and then hot-coated with proprietary beeswax/boiled linseed oil mixture to inhibit oxidization and add depth to the finish.