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Meridian Hill Park Grille

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Job:    Exterior Commission

Date:   July 2004

Site:    Washington, DC

Overview:  Meridian Hill Park, located in Northwest Washington DC is being renovated, and a new window grille for the fountain pumphouse was required.  The design was a duplicate of existing ironwork elsewhere in the park created in the early 1900s (the time of the park’s construction). The park itself is under the auspices of the National Park Service, and there was quite an emphasis placed on historic preservation – i.e. the new ironwork had to be an exact match to the old.  This was a challenge in that the original ironwork employed off-the-shelf cast iron elements of the period such as collars and spears of a style not currently being made. Such being the case, we had to make our own.  While the park is still under renovation as of this writing, the ironwork is installed, and the National Park Service has given its stamp of approval.