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leaf knockers


Job: Commissions

Overview: While admittedly, these are technically "exterior" as opposed to "interior work," these pieces are presented here as an example of small focused detailing (i.e. on the front door where all visitors usually enter the home) that can influence the overall perception of a home's style.

These knockers represent another application of the venerable leaf motif. Essentially, once an aesthetically pleasing leaf form has been mastered, it can dress up just about anything. The application can range from a multitude of leaves and branches on furniture and gates, to a simple leaf or two gracing a doorknocker. Here are some examples of the doorknocker application. In all cases, the brass color was achieved by brushing the hot steel with a brass brush, melting one metal onto another. After the brass application, the piece is hot coated with proprietary beeswax/boiled linseed oil mixture to both prevent oxidization and to add depth to the overall finish.