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Iconoclast Firetool Set

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Job: Interior Decor Commission

Date: December 2001 

Overview: This commission’s specifications were rather simple. The client’s directive was essentially to “Make something nice that will not look out of place in front of a white ceramic hearth.” Such an open request leaves quite a bit of room for artistic license. Fortunately, the client was quite pleased with the finished product, and the mirror- polished steel tool ends tied in very well with the white ceramic. Shovel and poker handles are forged 3/4 inch square steel with forged 1/2 inch steel shafts. Shovel blade is one piece forged 1/8 inch steel plate. Tongs are riveted with copper washers and are forged 1/2 inch square handles and forged 3/8 inch square shafts. Rack is forged 1 inch square stock and 1/8 steel plate. 

The piece is given an aged brown patina and hot coated with proprietary beeswax/boiled linseed oil mixture to both prevent oxidization and to add depth to the overall finish of the piece