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Grecian Key Project

Job:     Exterior Architectural Commission     

Date:   December 2006 Present (ongoing)

Site:   Fox Chapel, PA

Overview:    A large project that is still continuing. The clients had two existing pedestrian gates that employed a Grecian key/lattice motif.  They wanted to add a large vehicle gate, another pedestrian gate, approximately 75 feet of railing, and a utilitarian fence and garden gate of the same design.  To date there is one remaining section of railing (12 feet) yet to be completed.  All ironwork has been hot-dipped galvanized prior to painting for maximum corrosion resistance.  This project required the creation of several new bending machines, as the tight angles of the Grecian keys do not lend themselves readily to most conventional bending set-ups with this project, due to the number such keys to be made, the creation of new tooling was well worth the time invested.

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grkkey1.jpg (134817 bytes)        grkkey2.jpg (88420 bytes)        grkkey3.jpg (164982 bytes)        grkkey4.jpg (206186 bytes)         grkkey6.jpg (183413 bytes) 

grkkey7.jpg (173963 bytes)      grkkey8.jpg (175593 bytes)         grkkey9.jpg (175085 bytes)          grkorig1.jpg (48600 bytes)